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Not your Uncle’s digital forms…this platform offers a fully tailored digital solution. Create huge wins with your field staff and execs alike. Imagination is your only limit.


GoFormz Services


We’ve got Enablements, Custom Integrations, and Support/Maintenance.


Are your people spending time on the mundane? Is there data out there that you need, but are unable to collect? Let’s get that data and free up your staff so they can help make better decisions for the business.


We are an extension of your team; we understand your business and are your first line of support to tackle the day-to-day issues and to help you imagine what else is possible.



    We’re the #1 integration partner for GoFormz, and we build connections between GoFormz and Procore, Acumatica, PowerBI, etc. Save time. Save costs. Impress your execs.

    (PowerBI, Tableau)

    We know how to take your data from GoFormz and get it into PowerBI and Tableau for custom reports and dashboards.


      Don’t just take our word for it

      "Kris brings his passion for the field to everything he does. His thoughtful approach and patient attitude helps field teams quickly shift their mindset from apprehensive about future changes to excited about the possibilities. I’m more than happy to recommend him to any company looking at increasing adoption or assisting with a new Procore rollout."
      Chris Buell
      Enterprise Account Executive (2020), Procore (Enterprise General Contractors)
      "Kris Lyle and The Rollout Crew Team bring a positive presence, intimate product knowledge, and conversational delivery to every interaction. The Rollout Crew collaborates with clients and partners to pursue actions and recommendations that are in the best interest for that particular organization. When questions or complications arise, The Rollout Crew helps decipher the 'what' and 'why' of the situation, while providing options on 'how' to reach a desired outcome. The bottom line is The Rollout Crew are great partners throughout the journey."
      David Bushery
      Customer Success Manager (2022), Procore (Enterprise General Contractors)
      "The Rollout Crew has been an integral part of NextGrid's implementation and optimization of the Procore platform. Highly recommended and worth the money."
      Aaron Culig
      Co-Founder (2020), NextGrid (Owner | Solar)
      "Strike’s EPC group implemented Procore a year ago … Kris Lyle served as our implementation manager where he identified needs and provided application training/support for the various Procore tools that would benefit our project teams. He was a key asset in our implementation process and ultimately paved the way for Procore to be adopted across Strike’s entire organization."
      Paul Spadone
      Director of EPC Facilities (2020), Strike LLC (Self-Perform General Contractor | Midstream Oil & Gas)
      "It has been a pleasure to work with The Rollout Crew on this project. They have been able to create a fluid front end for data input and reporting for a project that does not follow the standards for a database. Helping to mimic paper reporting but entering the data into a data collection system that will allow for proper database storage. Their personal investment into this project goes beyond professional engagement. They truly want their clients to succeed as much as their own company. Their pride and enthusiasm for helping others comes through in their work and engagement and they are a pleasure to work with."
      Scott Langstaff
      Site Director (Safety) (2021), Signed NDA (GC | Renewable Energy)
      "Kris Lyle’s expertise and knowledge exceeds all expectations. He can navigate and solve very challenging technical issues. He and his Crew have been unwavering advocates on our behalf, grabbing the attention of Procore leadership in a collaborative way, and pushing initiatives to the top. They are able to lead the effort, track next steps, guide the technical conversations, and minimize the work effort on the organization. The Rollout knows what we do not know, and it has helped us make better, faster decisions for the long run."
      Renee Krscht-Rascher
      SVP of Development Operations (2022), United Properties (Owner | Developer)
      "Kudos to Kris Lyle and The Rollout Crew for automating our construction workflows and processes. Kris integrated GoFormz construction data-capture with Procore and PowerBI to allow for real-time construction analytics reporting. Kris’ knowledge of the construction industry was crucial in the success of the project. Communication was excellent throughout and Kris and The Rollout Crew worked nights and weekends to meet our aggressive schedule. Looking forward to continuing the relationship on future projects."
      Les Castro
      Principal Project Controls (Special Projects Group) (2021), Duke Energy (Owner | Energy)
      "Our company, Fast Track Specialties, LP, had the pleasure of working with The Rollout Crew on our Procore launch. We were privileged to be able to work with Kris, a very knowledgeable team member who took the time to learn our business and suggest ways to improve our productivity. Kris worked with us to understand our needs and he was very responsive to any questions or ideas that we proposed. We highly recommend The Rollout Crew for all things Procore. Our project was complicated and difficult but The Rollout Crew handled it with ease and I look forward to working with them again in the very near future."
      Jennifer Whiting
      Vice President (2021), Fast Track Specialties (Specialty Contractor | Specialty)
      "I can’t say enough about Kris and The Rollout Crew. He was able to take the robust Procore system and break it down for our team so that we could implement it quickly and efficiently. Kris tailored Procore to meet our needs and walked us through setting up our projects in a fashion that was easy to understand and easily duplicated. I don’t honestly know how we would have rolled this out without his help and guidance!"
      Bob Fargo
      Vice President of Development (2021), Ideal Image (Owner | Med Spa)
      "The Rollout Crew’s expertise has gotten us light-years ahead of where we would have been had we just tried to roll this out ourselves. Procore is an amazing tool but a consultant helps you unlock the power of the software you’ve purchased."
      Anthony LoFurno
      Senior Director of Land Development (2021), GL Homes (Owner | Luxury Real Estate)

      The Rollout Crew